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Showing your worth to a banker or lender can be difficult when you don’t have the years of experience or capital to back you up. At DataPro USA Funding, we look at details other funding sources don’t consider, so your new business can hit the ground running. We can help get your business started with financing for computer equipment, office start up cost, website development and marketing, construction, restaurants, tow trucks, septic pumper trucks, cranes, or even decorated apparel equipment. This will allow your business to establish business credit history.

DataPro reports to the credit agencies when you make timely payments so that you establish a strong payment reputation. This makes it easier for your business to obtain additional financing in the future. See how DataPro Funding can be a unique financing option for your start‑up business.

Working Capital

Are you seeking extra funds to fuel your daily business operations? Our working capital programs are ideal for your needs, offering a swift solution. Whether you require quick cash, our working capital options serve as a reliable source to support your business. What sets our programs apart is the flexibility; you can secure funds even if equipment isn’t on your agenda.

Start-Up Financing

Looking to bolster your daily business operations with extra funds? Our working capital programs are designed to meet your needs, delivering a prompt and dependable solution. Whether you’re in need of rapid cash, our working capital options are here to bolster your business. The distinctive advantage of our programs lies in their flexibility – you can access funds without any requirement for equipment investment.

Flexible Financing

Discover the versatility of our financing solutions at Datapro, meticulously crafted to cater to your individual requirements. Whether you opt for a zero down payment or a buy-now-pay-later strategy, craft a customized financing plan that seamlessly aligns with your objectives.

Explore our flexible financing options at Datapro, designed with your unique needs in mind.

DataPro USA Scottsdale | Web Design | SEO Agency

Benefits of Start-up Financing from DataPro USA

With over 30 years of expertise,our clients highly recommend us to their friends, attributing it to our unparalleled expertise and service excellence.

Build Business Credit

Establish strong business credit. Utilize your partnership with DataPro USA Funding to fund superior and more advanced equipment in the future.

Conserve Your Cash

Retain a larger portion of your capital for unexpected expenses, payroll, and other vital business investments.

Long Term Partnership

Tailored to your business expansion, our flexible financing and upgrade initiatives evolve in tandem with your growth.
DataPro USA Scottsdale | Web Design | SEO Agency

Increase your chances of being Approved! .

Additional Ways to Strength Your Application

  1. Strengthen Your Business Credit Profile
  2. Enhance Initial Cash Deposit
  3. Provide Collateral Consider Introducing a Co-Signer or Reliable Guarantor
  4. Develop a Comprehensive Business Success Strategy

Collaborate with your financing consultant to explore how your equipment investment can boost revenue for your business.

DataPro USA Scottsdale | Web Design | SEO Agency

Frequently asked Questions

Lease or Finance Your Equipment Solutions

During the approval process, we evaluate your business credit history (including bank and trade references), personal credit history of the owner(s), and collateral value of the equipment. If your credit history has some negative items, we can often approve a lease with a shorter term and/or a down payment.

Visit this page to learn how to qualify.

The best way to optimize a website for search is to start with a professionally crafted responsive website design. Working with our experienced design team to create an engaging design that not only turns heads but optimizes time on site, click-through rates, and conversions is the sure way to launch a website that will have your competitors trembling at their knees.

Every site we create is built on sound strategy, years of experience, and creativity to encapsulate your brand and utilize search engine optimization’s best practices.


One of the many benefits of leasing or financing includes the ability to “bundle” a number of equipment items into a lease or financing agreement including software, service, and installation costs. This way, you can make one simple monthly payment for an entire system or equipment line.

If interested in bundling multiple equipment types together, speak to a Financing Consultant today.

DataPro USA’s typical lease and finance amounts range from $7,500 to $500,000.

For equipment costing under $5,000, many of our clients find it non-beneficial and cost effective to lease or finance via alternative measures (i.e., cash flow, credit cards, etc.).

A great way to learn how much you can afford is to get pre-approved.

A benefit of leasing or financing with DataPro USA Funding is that you can purchase equipment from any reputable vendor of your choice. Select your equipment and options, negotiate your best price, and let us do the rest! Be sure to apply for financing.

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In the unlikely event that you need to upgrade your equipment during the lease or financing term, we will work with you to meet your goal. We can amend your original lease or agreement, assist you with a trade-in of your original equipment, or a new lease/agreement can be structured.

If you have questions, be sure to talk to a Financing Consultant.

Payments are made via ACH or on our Customer Portal.

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